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Web Integration

Videos are the hottest web trend. The days of sending out CD’s in your press packets are coming to an end and Unleaded is keeping pace. Although we still offer DVD authoring, we’re staying highly dialed into the integration of web and video. We have partnered with an award winning website and design firm, Unleaded Software. With the marriage, we are now able to maintain the look and feel of your existing marketing materials or we can offer a one-stop-shop for those of you who need an entire web marketing presence. Adding a flash video to your site takes it to the next level.

Streaming Web Video

Streaming video on your internet website can up the impact for visitors. But a lot of business owners stop short of making an inquiry about video shoots because they’ve heard how expensive TV ads are. Enter Unleaded Productions. Unleaded Productions has rewritten the rules of engagement for video shoots making them as professional as Hollywood and as affordable as single-family homes in a foreclosure economy. Unleaded Productions’ executive producer and director Michael Anderson has been rocking the internet world with cutting-edge videos of business owners used on websites to point visitors to areas of interest and to make the website a memorable one. Perhaps the greatest challenge in the internet space today is to achieve a measure of personal connection. People are seeking that touch through a web introduction. An online video of you, the owner of the business, builds a personal connection and a level of measurable trust even before the customer contacts you to schedule an appointment.

Video Player

Unleaded Productions offers customized Flash based video player solution with an integrated content management system. This means you can be the web administrator in control of your own web videos and their distribution. The video content management system supports the ability to browse, classify and manage videos, advertisements and graphics. This platform has the ability to support multiple channels for segmented content delivery. Support for progressive downloads enhanced the customer experience minimizing loading time.

Email Video Invitation

The memorable way to let guests know to save the date for a particular event is to send a video invitation via email. Videos can be personal and can convey the theme and feel of the event in just 30 seconds. Because it is just brief, friendly reminder it can be filmed practically in no time. A video evite is far more memorable, personal, cost-effective and efficient than sending someone a refrigerator magnet. No postage required.

Social networking

Social networking sites have gone beyond a way to keep in touch with friends; they have become a very effective and inexpensive forum for advertising. Adding a video to www.youtube.com, www.myspace.com and www.facebook.com can exponentially extend your organization’s touch. Posting your video on these sites can also increase your rank on a natural google search (see video search engine optimization). A video is the best way to use the latest trend in marketing, viral marketing, to your advantage. Viral marketing means using an existing social media outlet to promote your brand and services. The video can be informational, promotional or just a fun way to get your name out there