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Unleaded Productions' pre-production services are all encompassing including strategy, story boarding, script production and talent sourcing. Our award-winning writers transform your concept into 10, 30 and 60-second ads, streaming video to pump up your website presence, branded corporate videos suitable for stockholder meetings and compelling non-profit videos to drive fundraising campaigns.

This truly is the most important piece of creating a good product. It is very difficult to shoot using just an outline or bullet points as a guide, although in a pinch it can be done. Shooting without a script adds immeasurably onto the production and editing time. A good shooting script for a video production is indispensable, like blueprints for a house: without a carefully designed script a project will wind up costing more than expected and be less than successful in conveying your message.

Trust Unleaded with your writing and know that you’ll be with us every step of the way. Make no mistake, the script requires your concentrated attention and may call for several interviews and meetings to dial it in, but all this hard work will pay off in the end. Look at this process as more of a collaboration and less of a hand-holding . Pass it around to friends, family, and co-workers and get feedback. Changes at this point in the production can be made easily. Later on, when production is under way, revisions can be costly, time consuming and laborious.


The Unleaded Productions' crew arrives at "call time" and establishes a centrally located "stash area" where equipment that is not immediately need is stored. We request that this room is secured since there are many valuable items left there. The crew must be totally wrapped within eight hours after their arrival to avoid overtime of a full day rate. A lunch break of thirty minutes is scheduled during the day.

Within a half hour to an hour of arrival we should be up and running, doing our first scene. Most clients are surprised to see how much time is involved in setting up each scene even though we work very fast. We believe that good videos are a result of craftsmanship, and rushing the job detracts from the final results.

Scenes are usually shot out of sequence which can be confusing for the uninitiated but is a more efficient use of time. We will rely on a representative from the client or location to keep us informed as to schedules, availability and arrange the cooperation of personnel. At this time they will guarantee the technical accuracy of what we are filming by watching the monitor or replays since it is prohibitively expensive to return for a re-shoot.

You may also elect to have top executives speak on camera. We realize this can be an unnerving experience and we are very experienced in helping the person relax. If the subject is expected to look and speak directly to camera, rather than be interviewed, we strongly suggest using a TelePrompTer.

Shoot days are always lots of fun. In this industry, time is money, but we wouldn't want you spending money on something that wasn't fun. We promise you'll finish up the day with a smile on your face.


This is the fun part. We can add music, graphics and we can edit out any blunders or unnecessary parts of the footage. This is what separates the professional videos from the homemade. We review the footage to make sure we have all elements discussed during storyboarding and then we begin. The offline edit is the first process where we put together a rough draft of the order of shots. At this point in the production it is easy to make edits. Then we move onto the on line edit. This is where all of the elements fall into place before the final product is complete. You also have the option of making different versions of the video to be different lengths. You may want to show the 15 minute version at your event and also have a 1 minute version for social networking sites.