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Green Screen Technology

Green screen technology (also known as chroma keying) allows you to go anywhere without leaving our studio. The subject of the video can be filmed against a plain green screen and in post production the green can be keyed out and left transparent so it can be replaced with any background desired. The screen is green because it is considered to be the furthest color from natural skin tone, making replacement of the color clean. Green screen technology what meteorologists use to convey the weather and climate change because the background is replaced with the appropriate symbols and colors.

The Green Screen Studio Specs are: shooting space is 28x28 with 14' ceilings. The Green screen is 14' tall and 16' wide. The studio comes with a full kitchen, lounge, bathroom, a loft office, makeup area (8'counter/mirror) and some storage.

Another option is to edit the background out all together, creating what is called a borderless or seamless video. This type of video allows a free-standing subject to be added to your website. This is what some sites use to have a talking head affect. The trick is seaming 2 sheets of screen together so that the subject can walk into the shot the way he will appear to walk onto the web site. To achieve this effect, there needs to be a green background on both the floor the subject is walking and on the wall behind. The most important part of this technique is the lighting because all shadows need to be eliminated.


The use of the program Adobe Photoshop paired with the Apple post-production software Final Cut Pro creates limitless options for your final product. Technology is so much fun because it allows us to flex our creative muscle.